Born in 1994 in Befandriana North, Madagascar, Juvara Amir Andrianalitiana lives and works in Antananarivo, Madagascar.

Just one look and we notice his pieces of art standing out from the others. White background, simplicity, sense of details, accuracy, and a preference for life scene painting, despite his young age, Amir.J has already his own signature. He captivates our attention by revealing a new aspect of reality. “Slow down, focus because everything is under our eyes”, he says in the silence of his pieces.

Though Amir.J has made a name for himself, he only started his journey as a visual artist in his early twenties. At the age of  23, he gets back to his childhood hobby, drawing.  While sharpening his drawing and painting technics, Amir.J  has developed an obsession for accuracy. How to get to the essence? Amir.J answers “by sobriety, by putting only the essential”.

“Fostering Unity, celebrating differences”, in 2019 in Mauritius, is the beginning of his carreer . Since then, he has never stopped and made his own name by constantly working as a fulltime artist, an effort to bring his art to new possibilities. Amir.J is always in a transformation of himself  because his art is himself before anything else.

Artist Statment

At present, I mostly work with watercolor on paper. The colors I use are bright and reflect the hues of my country, where vibrant colors are part of everyday life and the landscape.

I often draw from memory or invent my own subjects , I also work from photos ... If I come across something interesting along the way, I take out my camera and immortalize the moment. However, I don't just reproduce my shots by hand, I also modify them. I remove some subjects, add others, turn blue to yellow, yellow to violet , all freehand.

I particularly like white backgrounds. Over the years, it's even become my style. Even though I produce in abundance, I try to be meticulous in every one of my creations, because excellence in craftsmanship is essential to me.

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